The purchase of credit in the Bank


Redemption of credits 

Redemption of credits 

If you live in this beautiful region of France or if you are interested in the economy of France, you should know that the Northern region is one of the most critical:

  • high unemployment ,
  • multiple births,
  • divorces en masse,
  • addictions.

Rest assured, the north of France does not have only disadvantages since it is also one of the geographical areas where:

  • the price of rent is the least expensive,
  • the almost free motorway network,
  • free or low parking lots,
  • the birth of the multiplication of discount stores to limit spending on primary resources.

Reading these first lines, it is possible to say that the prime factor in households’ debt in the north of France is explained by high unemployment (12.6% in 2015). According to the Banque de France report, the poverty line is close to 20% in 2015. How can households live comfortably? The redemption of credits can be an idea to consider provided you respect the rules of the game.

Home loan with consumer credit

Home loan with consumer credit

Who is this financial transaction for? There are no predefined criteria. Anyone wishing to balance the budget and having an acceptable repayment capacity can apply for it. Homeowners can renegotiate real estate loans like asking for a meeting of a home loan with consumer credit. Tenants, meanwhile, can only consolidate loans to conso ongoing. To raise its loans in one, and thus reduce the amount of monthly repayments, it will be necessary to be solvent and to present some guarantees.

Inquire with financial organizations without forgetting to make multiple comparisons between the offers of the market. For information, the principle of the redemption of credits is based on the following scheme: to gather credits in progress to have a single and lower monthly payment!

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