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The application for the HeW Student Loan is initially submitted online and the corresponding contract offer can be printed out. This must be checked and confirmed by a HeW sales partner, eg a student union. Here you can learn all about credits for students and then apply to us. The Camibank with the Camibank Online Credit is also worth mentioning as a provider of a student loan. Also suitable as a loan for small amounts is the Camibank Direct Money.

How you can financially support your university studies!

How you can financially support your university studies!

It is a public-law institution and grants loans to students. Similar to the Federal Ministry of Finance (Beloan), lending by the Federal Government is a student loan from state subsidies. You are of legal age, have studied at a state university in the Federal Republic and have reached a maximum age of 44 years before the start of funding.

All study and doctoral programs are supported, but not studies at vocational academies. The funding period for HeW is up to 14 semesters, but depends on the age of the trainees. The repayment amount for the funded study semesters is paid in monthly installments. The interest rate on the capital raised is variable and is always maintained for a half-year.

Apply online for a student loan

Apply online for a student loan

During the study visit, students are often dependent on outside funding for their studies. 2. Excluded are students with a well-off home that pays several hundred Euros a month. However, most host families can not afford to finance their studies, especially if they have several children, but the only options are student loans and a part-time job.

In addition, there are a variety of compulsory courses and internships that exclude part-time employment in many disciplines. It should also be noted that part-time employment in study-intensive courses can often be detrimental to student performance. In the long term, a student loan can help you complete your study program well and quickly; The loans taken out can usually be repaid within a few months or years, depending on the later starting salary.

Student loans are often granted at special rates. On the one hand, interest rates are very low in contrast to conventional financing, on the other hand, after completion of the financial statements, a long period of time without repayment claims, in which a first place is obtained. In addition, many credit institutions have very long repayment installments, which massively reduces the financial burden after starting work.

The student loan can have many different characteristics, which should be agreed in individual cases with the house bank. Some students get a small percentage of tuition, which means that the loan does not have to be very high. The other students do not receive their own tuition and support from their parents, which is why they have a larger loan.

Thanks to decades of experience, banks have given food for thought and the opportunity to create tailor-made student loans, which only have to be repaid after entering the labor market. Some students also use the student loan to pay their student loans. Therefore, many students pay back their Beloan receivables on a loan, which is ultimately much cheaper than the repayment of Beloan debt in installments.

For student loans, the requirements are different. First and foremost, the house bank must be informed about the amount of credit to be taken, the subject under investigation and the achievements so far. The type of study is very important for the credit risk: The banks give the medical students a high degree of self-confidence, as the drop-out rate in this area is extremely low and the students receive an extremely good and absolute starting salary after graduation.

In principle, however, every student can take out a loan for students. First, you should try not to raise loans for students. However, if a student loan repayment or short-term study is at the center, students should benefit from the favorable conditions. They have the opportunity to deal with the credit for students and if necessary, to take out a loan.

If you have opted for a student loan, you can contact us. In doing so, we respond to your personal ideas and requirements and offer you the opportunity to participate in our student loan. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information. Click on the button to access our credit inquiry form:

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